Monday, November 15, 2010

Musical Mondays

So, it's Monday.  Nobody likes Mondays.  Seriously.  Nobody does.

So, what's the cure for this dreaded day?  Music, music and more music.  As I sit at my desk, swallowed whole by the amount of work I have to do today, the only thing that can possibly make this day better is the sound of sweet music flowing through my headphones as I write the day's news.  Here's a list of music-related links to check out.

First off, many of you are aware of Pandora Radio, but if you're not, check out  Pick your favorite artist, song or genre and Pandora will bring you a continuous selection of songs matching your tastes.  Don't like a song?  Not quite your taste?  Give it a thumbs down.  Really jamming out to a great song?  Give it a thumbs up.  Eventually, you'll feel like Pandora really knows what you like.

Another great resource that's sure to keep your earbuds full of new and interesting sounds can be found at  This lovely little gem lets you pick your mood and then plays a selection of songs based on what you pick.  Happy?  Melancholy? Just woke up?  Stereomood has a list of songs for you.  Don't worry.

For another incredibly easy, multitasking-friendly way to discover new music, be sure to head on over to  Here you'll find a large collection of handcrafted playlists that have been uploaded by users all over the world.  Check out the most popular playlists or just pick one randomly.  One thing is for sure--you'll find something that you just can't get enough of.  Beyond the usual mix of indie, rock, pop and hip hop tunes, you'll find a wide range of DJ mixes which are worth a listen here.  Check it out.  Before you know it, you'll be tapping your toes and restraining yourself from the urge to burst out into song at your desk while you diligently go about your desk work.

On another note, my cousin has joined the music world and has been up to great things in Atlanta.  This weekend, Lille opened for the Dresden Dolls. Take a listen here: Her album was released on Whale Heart Records which was apparently started by her brother Daniel, as he had lots of musically inclined friends who needed a place to call home.

Well that's all on the musical front for now.  I look forward to helping you get your week started off on the right foot again next week.  Stay tuned for a craft and baking blog post later on in the week!

P.S.  Give me your feedback.  What do you think of this post?  Any thoughts on my blog?  I want to know.  This is a new venture and I need all the feedback I can get.


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