Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A new year, a new goal...

It's already January 18 and I told myself that I would try and post to my blog more regularly as my New Year's resolution.  Fail.  Better late than never though. Anyhow, I've been quite the busy bee since my last posting.  Between baking and gift making for the holidays, New Years celebrations, family obligations, friends in town and going to work, life has been pretty hectic for the last few months.  I have, however, managed to conjure up a few cool things that I've found and created lately.

First up, I had the wonderful opportunity to take photographs for the always lovely Candace Morrow.  We had a lot of fun taking these photos and I think she was satisfied with the end result.  Thanks to my good friend Bo Shell for helping me do a bit of touch up.  (Sadly my MacBook can't handle the load of even really opening Photoshop, much less working with photos in it, anymore.)

Here are my favorite black and white photos from the session:

 And here are a few of my favorites in color:

In the past few months, I also managed to get in a few applications to grad school, hopefully for an MFA in Photography or a Masters in Journalism.  Who knows what will come out of it?  It's all in the hands of the decision makers at this point.

Get ready for more photos, music updates and all around baking and craft links beginning again tomorrow. I'm setting aside 30 minutes at least two times a week.  Or at least that's my New Years Resolution. Happy 2011 everyone!  Here's to a great year! 

-J. Luton