Thursday, September 16, 2010

Entering the world of photography

This summer I had an opportunity to take my first real photography class.  Thanks to the lovely and talented Danielle Fields, I picked up a few things and learned quite a bit about the basics of photography--aperture, shutter speed and ISO--followed by a few weeks of practice and critique from the master of the art.  Since then, I've been working on my photography as a work-related skill at any opportunity that presents itself. I took a few great photos at the local market last month when a giant truckload of peaches were delivered for purchase, despite the rainy weather.

Baskets of delicious peaches at the local market.

More baskets of peaches with a rain puddle in the background.
Here's my honey after quick dip at the lake this summer.
Next month, my photo will be featured as the cover photo for Milledgeville Scene Magazine and I took photos for a fellow reporter's article on Memory Hill Cemetary, as well as my own article on Georgia's Old Capital Museum.
The sun hit this iron fencing just perfectly one August evening at Memory Hill Cemetery.
In the midst of a regular workday a few weeks ago, I was approached by a woman, whom I'd never met before, while I was at a local radio station.  The woman randomly asked me if I'd be interested in taking photos at her small wedding the very next day in front of the old county courthouse.  Since it was just her, the groom, the judge and a witness, I agreed to photography the event in exchange for being able to use these images on my website, blog and portfolio.  I was quite impressed with the results, even though I had to get some help from a friend in touching the photos up, but I think all in all, despite the 5:00 shadow, the photos turned out well.

Take a look and give me your feedback.

What a beautiful bride.
A ring on the bride's finger.

A ring for the groom.
It's almost time...
to kiss the bride!

I just love the antique touch-up on these shots.
This may well be my favorite shot of the whole bunch.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Avery
Congratulations Dan and Katherine!

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